Project Description

The Villa Hügel

The Villa Hügel is the family residence of the family Krupp von Bohlen and Halbach and today an industrial monument in the Ruhrmetropole Essen.

The villa has 269 rooms with an area of ​​8,100 sqm. The property is surrounded by a 28-hectare park and is today not only a business residence, but rather a symbol for the industrialization of Germany.

In the years 1870 to 1873 Alfred Krupp (1787-1887) built the villa as dwelling-house and retreat for the family. The early death of the father Friedrich Krupp (1787-1826) demanded early responsibility from the 14-year-old Alfred and expanded the industrial enterprise to one of the most begotten of the 19th century.

The property has always provided a worthy setting for the representation, receptions and festivities and welcomed guests such as emperors, kings, entrepreneurs from all over the world, politicians and presidents of many nations. The Villa Hügel is today the property of the founding Alfred Krupp and Bohlen of Halbach Foundation.